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VSCO Launches a Superior GIF-Making App for Serious Photographers

Will serious photographers want to make gifs? Or do millennials want to make better gifs?


Last week, on October 22, Instagram launched its free gif-making app named Boomerang. Since then, fashionistas and supermodels (Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge being two of them) have helped push the app on Instagram, using #Boomerang, to their “like”-obsessed fans. The app serves its purpose, looping a one-second gif over-and-over again that’s easily shareable throughout social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. But for people who desire a longer and higher quality gif, the app falls short.

Yesterday VSCO, one of the most popular and highest-grossing photo-editing apps, launched its own gif-making app DSCO (pronounced “disco”). Unlike Boomerang, which produces a one-second loop that’s comprised of a series of photos, TechCrunch says DSCO loops 2.5 seconds of a MP4 video recording. The gif ends up being sharper, more fluid and longer.


Like Boomerang, DSCO doesn’t allow side-loading. This means that users can’t upload any videos that aren’t originally shot using the DSCO app. Once shot, the DSCO gif will publish on the VSCO app. From there it can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (as is true with Boomerang). The DSCO app is still in its beginning phases, offering users only five preset filters. But in the near future VSCO promises more. Also, right now the app only runs on devices that have iOS 8.4 and above, so Android users have to be patient.


DSCO, which is aimed at VSCO’s already large audience, undoubtedly makes longer and higher-quality gifs than Boomerang, and other apps of its ilk. Yet the app isn’t simply trying to cast into a younger, more obsessed pool. It’s also trying to foster instant creativity, which goes well beyond a photo, and reaches one step further in a cinematic direction.

“Gifs are an incredible form of creativity,” said Greg Lutze, VSCO cofounder, in a press release. “They can display a wide range of human emotion and perspectives. They are less about being cool and more about being interesting, real and fun, which aligns with our vision for VSCO.”

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