Yamaha YHT-S400 Home Theater System

A New Contender for Big Sound in Small Spaces


Because not everyone has the space for elaborate home theater systems, Yamaha created the YHT-S400 to save room while still providing an immersive audio experience. Comprised of a 31 inch sound bar and a unique receiver which features an integrated subwoofer, it definitely represents one of the better solutions out there for those with small apartments, or domineering partners who put their foot down on full 5.1 surround invading the living room.

Additionally for those tired of jarring volume changes during commercials, the system’s UniVolume feature insures audio levels remain consistent regardless of what’s playing. In terms of connectivity, 3 HDMI inputs are available for connecting the necessary components, along with one HDMI output for exporting the systems sound to other devices.


Though we have yet to listen to the YHT-S400 in action, admittedly we have our doubts about how the receiver’s integrated sub might sound compared to stand alone versions. However knowing the incredibly positive reception Yamaha’s sound bars and compact systems have received in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised if the YHT-S400 proves our assumptions wrong, which would be great news for those in search of a more room conscious solution to be home audio. [via Gizmodo]

Cost: $600

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