This Week in Tech and Science: November 4, 2015

Facebook rethinks real names, free roaming in Europe, Twitch beyond gaming and more.


Facebook rethinks real names, free roaming in Europe, Twitch beyond gaming and more.

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Smartphone Saturation

If you’re an adult in the United States, chances are that you own a smartphone. In fact, Pew reports that 68 percent of us now do, up from 35 percent just four years ago. Curiously, there has been no meaningful percentage growth in device ownership within other categories (except for tablets).

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Roam Free, Europe

Those backpacking around Europe will finally be able to buy a single SIM upon arrival and travel throughout the European Union sans roaming charges. Said charges will be capped starting in April of 2016, and abolished entirely in mid-2017.

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Facebook Rethinks Real Names

Following years of outcry from the trans community and those who wish to refrain from using their real names on social platforms due to safety concerns, Facebook has announced that it’ll invoke a revised authentication policy in the months ahead.

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Twitch Beyond Gaming

The Internet moves fast, and evidently, so does Twitch. The site known for live streaming in-action gaming will soon host artists and musicians in an effort to expand its footprint and diversify its audience.

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Acura’s Triumphant Return to NSX

The supercar finally reveals itself on Honda’s Tochigi Proving Ground. Read the Review

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As promised, Amazon has yanked all mentions of Apple TV and Chromecast from its site — including those from third-party resellers — in a bid to act like a tyrannical toddler while drawing attention to its own Fire TV lineup.

Reportedly, Google will work to fold Chrome OS into Android by 2017, reducing the amount of operating systems it has to support and almost certainly making the latter a more complicated, power-hungry beast.

After nearly two years of dips, Samsung’s mobile division recorded a 37 percent profit rise in its most recent financial quarter. When Sir Galaxy was pinged for comment, an automated reply reading “Don’t Call It A Comeback” was received.

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