Pocket Radar

From Sports to Speeding Tickets, Radar Just Got Smaller


Speed will always hold the attention of men. It’s just a fact of life. So, along those lines, Pocket Radar has done what Flip did for the video camera by creating… well a pocket radar gun. Though its official announcement won’t come until next week during CES, browsing around their site shows that the device is mainly being pitched to sports nuts who just have to know how fast that pitch, race car, or sprinter is going.

Touted as being accurate to within +/- 1 mph and capable of taking over 10,000 measurements on a set of AAA batteries, it’s a significant advancement from the laser cannon-like radar guns used today. While that may be all well and good, personally, our driving-loving selves can’t help but wonder if spotting speed trap cops just got that much harder for those without radar detectors. Maybe we’re just paranoid. [via Business Wire]

Cost: TBD

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