Alpine iDA-X305S Head Unit

FM, AM... Pandora.


Ever listened to Pandora radio at home and wondered how great it would be to have it in the car? Well, commuters now have a reason to perk up. Pandora is now here for your car thanks to Alpine’s announcement of the iDA-X305S head unit. Minor quibble, you must own an iPhone and drive in areas blanketed in 3G coverage. Designed as a natural evolution to the iDA-X305 (which boldly became one of the first in-dash car stereos to eliminate the CD tray all together), the newer Alpine iDA-X305S retains many of the same features while adding on compatibility pf Pandora’s iPhone app.

In combination, the app and head unit allow users to wirelessly log in and view Pandora’s related tasks such as changing stations, giving a track the thumbs up or down, or bookmarking songs for later – all this, on the Alpine’s brilliant 2.2″ faceplate screen and the iPhone’s 3G data connection. Non-Phone owners are out of luck, but it’s a unique step in the car audio world worth mentioning. Hopefully, we’ll see it rolled out to a broader section of users in the near future. [via CNET]

Cost: $350 (Estimated)

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