Kodak Playsport Rugged Pocket Cam

Underwater Video At An Over-Water Price


While the Kodak Playsport Rugged Pocket Cam may not have the jaw dropping specs of other ridiculous products being announced at CES 2010, that doesn’t render it any less useful. This camera is the same device as Kodak’s respected Zi8’s pocket camcorder, packed into a smaller more ruggedized, waterproof body. Capable of recording 1080p video at 30fps or 720p video at 60fps, submersed down to 10 ft, the Kodak Playsport is perfectly suited for documenting family vacations, or adventures with friends (the defacto GP method). If the need arises, it can also capture still shots, thanks to an on board 5 megapixel capture sensor.


Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and featuring an SD/SDHC Card slot, shooters can expand or carry as much memory as they need to record as long as they want. For instance, a 32 GB card will reportedly be capable of storing up to 10 hours of 720p video. Plenty enough for that day trip. An HDMI output also makes watching videos on most HDTV’s a breeze, and Macs and PC’s compatibility for backing up video. Sold with three different colored backs (black, blue, purple).

Best to act quick though, if you want to avoid our man Patrick Tuttle snatching the purples off the shelf.

Editor’s Note: According to Kodak, the “Playsport” received it’s name from a Twitter contest. One winner submitted “Play” while the other submitted “Sport”. Clearly man’s genius knows no bounds.


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