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Aerial 7 Chopper 2 Headphones

Nike Dunk Looks, Mainstream Sound


We won’t sit here and prattle on about what should and shouldn’t be your personal style (okay, sometimes we do). To each man his own, but we know that those discreet ear buds don’t do much to enhance personal style statement. If you agree, then check out the full-size Aerial 7 Headphones ($70). Clear, though not very powerful, sound quality permeates these cans. The Aerial 7s remind us of something Lady Gaga’s studio technician and stylist might have collaborated to develop.

Unlike most headphones which fatigue (my) ears over time, the ultra-lightweight and sneaker-inspired design of the Chopper 2s make listening enjoyable. A recent flight from LA to Boston aboard a packed 737 proved the isolation and anti-fatigue factor of the Chopper 2s. Aerial 7 even includes an adaptor for the Chopper 2s that allows for Skype calls by utilizing the built-in mic (all Aerial 7 products feature in-line mic’s). It also connects easily to your iPhone or Blackberry – though we’re not entirely sure we’d endorse wearing these in the office unless your title is “MTV Production Assistant”. The Chopper 2s are crystal clear, but somewhat lacking in the bass department (a surprise to us, given the name). We’ve learned not to expect extraordinary performance from units in the sub-$100 price range and the Chopper 2s perform admirably in that regard, but Aerial 7 does produce a more DJ-centric unit which we assume offers more power and bass.

Another unit from Aerial 7 to consider is the Sound Disk Beanie ($60), a “beanie-friendly” unit that slides into the inner lining of your own hat to sit right against your ear. Perfect for skiing, mountain biking, or the rigors of archery, if you’re so inclined.


It’s definitely worth a look at these and other offerings that might fit your style.

Buy Now: Chopper 2 ($70) | Sound Disk Beanie ($60)

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