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Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

Zoom Lensonkulous



With an f/2.8 aperture through its entire 200-500mm zoom range and f/5.6 at 1,000 (using its 400-1,000mm adaptor), this near-comically sized super lens from Sigma is the ultimate zoom lens for pro wildlife, sports, and astrophotographers. Granted, it’s also the size of a Fiat so prepare to check another bag if you plan to take this one on vacation. Not to get too technical, but I’m sure you’re wonder just what the hell is inside that 35 lb. green tube of awesomeness. Inside, Sigma has combined multi-layer flare and ghost reduction coated special low dispersion glass and three extraordinary low dispersion glass elements that correct chromatic aberration. A dedicated lithium-ion battery provides power for ultra-fast zooming and autofocus. In exchange for 29,000 of your hard-earned dollars, Sigma includes the zoom lens, a 72mm clear filter, 72mm polarizing filter, battery, charger w/cable, trunk case, 2x teleconverter, and lens cap. File this one under not wife approved.

A slideshow of images to give you a feel for how big this lens is embedded after the jump.

Buy Now $28,999 (for Nikon or Canon)

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