FastMac U-Socket

A Great Idea We Want to Own Now


Longtime Gear Patrol readers may remember our post on a similar product called the Truepower USC Power Outlet that promised to integrate powered USB ports into the universal American outlet. Unfortunately it looks like that particular model which featured its USB ports on either side of the main AC sockets has since been scrapped. Macheads still hoping to declutter those bed and desk side walls though shouldn’t lose hope just yet. That’s because FastMac, is now showing a similar product on their site called the U-Socket ($20) which appears to offer the same features as the Truepower, with the only changes being that the USB ports are now both on the same side and it’s now selling for $10 more.

While this product is still only listed as being up for pre-order, the site states it’s simply waiting for final safety approval and should start shipping in October of this year. We know a lot could still happen between now and then, but rest assured that our fingers are all crossed for this outlet to someday grace our walls.

Buy Now: $20

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