‘Game of Thrones’ Composer Scores One of 2016’s Most Anticipated Video Games

Enjoy Ramin Djawadi’s music while crushing aliens (instead of having your soul crushed).


Ramin Djawadi — the composer for Game of Thrones, whose work has either haunted your dreams or fueled your mid-afternoon office-work power-hours — is scoring the upcoming Gears of War 4, one of the games we can’t wait to play this fall. Last week Xbox offered a behind-the-scenes look (and listen) at his work on their official YouTube channel.

Triple-A games are among the last spaces for new fully orchestrated music to stretch its wings; while that doesn’t always mean musical gold, it’s fun to watch session musicians work under the watch of one of the hottest composers of today.

It’s also refreshing to know you’ll soon be able to hear Djawadi’s work without immediately thinking of the Red Wedding, filicide, torture, ad nauseum. Like this year’s Doom, this installment of Gears seems like a cartoony fun time. (Just check out this guy at 1:30. He looks like a refrigerator.) Look forward to the scale of Game of Thrones, with the carefree blockbuster-ism of Djawadi’s work on Iron Man.

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