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Leica Just Released Its First Instant Camera

Instant nostalgia.


Hipsters, romantics and nostalgic ’80s kidshallelujah! The instant camera is far from dead. In recent years, Fujifilm, Polaroid and Impossible Project have released new instant cameras, still charmingly vintage yet injected with a few modern updates (better resolution, higher zoom, more pre-set shooting modes), and now, Leica has released their first ever instant camera, the Sofort.

Slightly bigger than a point-and-shoot, the Sofort captures and spits out credit-card-sized photos. It can capture 10 photos on each film cartridge — which are sold separately for about $10 — and shoots in eight modes: macro, bulb, automatic, self-timer, party/portrait, action, double exposure and selfie.

As far as the specs go, don’t expect the superpowers you get with other Leica cameras. With the Sofort, you get 1/400 sec maximum shutter speed, 800 maximum ISO, 12.7 maximum f-stop. But impressive specs aren’t really the point of instant cameras, anyway. What you get with the Sofort is a sentimental memory creator — instant photos have an unmistakably nostalgic quality rarely found in digital photography. The Sofort comes in three bright-and-sunny colorways: mint, orange and white.

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