Some People Are Discovering that Their New iPhone 7 “Hisses”

Early testing reveals the iPhone 7 is durable, super fast, really water resistant — and in some cases, emits a mysterious hissing noise.


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus officially hit the market on Friday, allowing pro reviewers and fans around the world to start testing the device’s limits. For the most part, results in the wild have been extremely positive. Here’s a rundown of some of the encouraging and bizarre things that early adopters have learned so far.

The iPhone 7 Is Even More Water Resistant Than Advertised
Water resistance was one of the most anticipated upgrades with Apple’s latest device, and early testing by the YouTubers at EverythingApplePro indicates the phone is capable of surviving being dunked in up to 20 feet of water without a hitch. In fact, the iPhone 7 didn’t show any noticeable signs of damage until resting in a whooping 30 feet of water for a full five minutes. Samsung’s Note 7 held up admirably but showed more signs of problems at that depth.

Durability and Scratch Resistance Have Improved
The iPhone’s easily breakable all-glass screen has been pegged as the device’s biggest design flaw across several generations of the device. While the new iPhone 7 still features the all-glass design, it appears the latest screen is capable of surviving 7-foot drops without breaking. The same can’t be said though for dropping it out of a helicopter. Keys and coins also don’t appear to scratch the new body.

It Appears to Be the Fastest Phone on the Market
Experiences with the phone’s latest A10 processor indicate that the iPhone 7 is the fastest mobile device on the market by a wide margin, even in “real life” testing. Specifically, the team at PhoneBuff has produced a video comparing the iPhone 7 versus Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 in a “real life” test that involves opening a series of popular apps and performing basic tasks. As the video shows, the iPhone 7 beats out Samsung’s latest (and now officially recalled) flagship by a fairly hefty margin. While this result certainly has something to do with Apple’s new chip, it’s likely also another indication of the speed benefits that come with having complete control over a device’s software and hardware.

The New Cameras are Great, But Not Necessarily Better Than Samsung
The verdict on the device’s much-lauded camera is also largely positive, according to folks like award-winning photojournalist Brooks Kraft, who has called the new system “the biggest improvement in recent generations.” However, despite the improvements, many testers still feel the camera found in Samsung’s S7 lineup is slightly better thanks in part to its larger sensor.

The New Home “Button” Has Issues with Gloves
Ditching the physical home button in favor of a new taptic engine has received mixed results from many users and reviewers. Most admit it definitely requires getting used to, but ultimately acknowledge the potential it offers for providing new types of feedback as app makers learn to work with it. One early noticeable snag, though, is that some touchscreen-enabled gloves aren’t working with it, so make sure you test your own pair before winter gets going.

Some Buyers’ iPhones Are Also Apparently “Hissing”
On a more bizarre note, some iPhone 7 owners have reported hearing a hissing noise from the back of their device, emanating from somewhere around the Apple logo on the back when the device is being heavily taxed by users. While it’s still too early to tell how widespread the issue is, this has the potential to be another touch disease, Bendgate, or antennagate.

How have your experiences with the new iPhone 7 been so far? Let us know and we’ll be sure to share your thoughts in our new reader mailbag.

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