Quincy Jones Signature AKG Headphones

Sonic Fidelity by Jones


Quincy Jones, a musician who needs little introduction (think: producer behind Thriller and We Are the World) has partnered with AKG to release a signature line of headphones. Three models make up the lineup: the Q702 ($479, shown above) reference-class premium headphones with flat-wire voice coils, patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm, and 3D-Form ear pads. The Q460 ($229) portable on-ear mini headphones with a 3D-Axis flat folding design, in-line mic and remote, and closed-back design. Finally, the ultralight Q350 ($149) in-ear earphones wrap up the line-up with strong bass response, cable winder, and three sizes of silicon sleeves for proper fitment. Of note – a portion of the proceeds for every set of headphones sold goes to the Quincy Jones Musiq Consortium to further music education amongst American children.

Look forward to seeing a more in-depth review from Gear Patrol on these in the near-future, but until then you can always read up on our time with the AKG K702’s (one-word summary: outstanding) and peruse the high-resolution gallery after the jump.

Buy Now: Q702 ($479) | Q460 ($229) | Q350 ($149) | Available October, 2010

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