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Facebook Takes on Yelp for More Personalized Recommendations

Going to Spain? Croatia?


Facebook launched Marketplace earlier in October, which lets users discover, buy and sell anything — similar to what eBay or Craigslist have been doing for years. Now the social networking conglomerate is taking on another stalwart: Yelp.

As of today, Facebook is giving users more personal recommendations than ever, pooled from Facebook friends rather than the masses, like on Yelp. If you’re visiting a place, you can now check Facebook’s Pages tool and ask your friends what to see, where to go and what to eat. Facebook will then compile these recommendations on a map, with a link to the relevant businesses or location pages, all without ever leaving Facebook.

On a separate note, Facebook is also updating its Event pages to match the Events app they launched a few weeks ago. They are now designed to help users discover events near them, like concerts, sporting events and festivals; tickets can be bought within the app.

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