JMoney Audio Wood Earcups for Grado

Your Grados Can Look As Good As They Sound


Grado has been turning out fantastic headphones since the late 1980s and has become one of the most respected headphone brands in the world. Their phones sound undeniably phenomenal, but, frankly, the looks haven’t exactly kept up. Some users call them retro (others are less gracious), but either way a pair can benefit from a bit of “sprucing” up. Riding to the rescue is JMoney Audio with their wooden replacement earcups ($130). Available in a variety of exotic solid woods, these can make your Studio series Grados look great and maybe even sound better. JMoney will sell you the earcups as a DIY kit or you can buy them pre-installed on a pair of headphones. They’d look great with the upgraded replacement lambskin headbands they also sell.

Buy Now: $130

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