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Amazon Go Lets Grocery Shoppers Skip the Checkout Line

Does it feel a little like shoplifting?


Amazon’s new service, Amazon Go, allows grocery shoppers to walk into a store, pick up their groceries and leave. No waiting in checkout lines or talking to cashiers. Amazon Go uses what the e-commerce giant calls “Just Walk Out” technology, which allows the store to automatically check shoppers out as they leave. Exact details on the tech are sparse, but the brand references a combination of “machine learning, computer vision and AI,” along with sensor fusion, comparing it to the tech found in self-driving cars.

It probably feels a bit like shoplifting. But Amazon believes that this is the future of shopping.

Currently, the service only works in Amazon Go stores — of which there is only one so far, in Seattle. This store is currently only in its Beta phase, and only open to Amazon employees. This store will be open to the public in 2017. To learn more about Amazon Go, watch the video above.

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