TerreStar Genus Satellite Phone

No signal? Hardly.


AT&T may be losing the iPhone 4 exclusivity, but who cares when there’s another phone coming with virtually 100% coverage on the continental US and doesn’t require a contract? Wait, did we just say complete coverage, no contract and AT&T in the same sentence? Surely we jest. Nope, the next time you find yourself a couple hundred miles past the crossroads of nowhere and bumblefu&$, you’ll be glad you got yourself a TerreStar Genus ($799) sat phone.

Here’s how it works. The phone primarly sticks with AT&T’s network, but when things get spotty (insert tired AT&T joke here) the TerreStar switches over to satellite – you just need a clear view of the southern sky. The sat coverage plan costs an extra $25 per month with voice tallied at 65¢ per minute and texts weighing in at 40¢ a pop. The TerreStar, which runs Windows Mobile 6.5, even does data for the jaw-dropping price of $5 per megabyte. But then again, won’t it be comforting knowing you can update your facebook status with “had too many beers… woke up stranded in the middle of Lake Michigan, seriously” and actually mean it?

Buy Now: $799

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