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The Most Ridiculous and Weird Products from CES 2017

Including a laundry-folder and a pair of boxers to protect your junk from radiation.


Aside from the paper-thin OLED TVs, entry-level DSLRs and lightweight laptops from Dell and Samsung, the great majority of the products unveiled at CES 2017 weren’t actually things you could buy in the near future. They were prototypes. Some were cool: namely Toyota’s semi-autonomous Concept-i car, Razer’s three-display gaming laptop Project Valerie, and Sony’s Xperia Projector that turns any tabletop into a computer screen (more or less). Others, not so much. Below you’ll find some of the most bizarre products — both prototypes and otherwise — we saw at this year’s trade show.

Sensorwake Oria

The Oria is sort of a hybrid between a Keurig and Glade PlugIn. It’s a bedside device that uses scent capsules (think Keurig) to help users sleep in a specifically scented room. Sensorwake, the company behind Oria, says their patented scents are designed to help people fall asleep faster and get a better, deeper sleep. So far there are only two patented scents, ambiguously named “Restore” and “Relax.” It’s unclear what either smell like.

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Dubbed the “world’s first voice mask for mobile phones,” the Hushme is a Bluetooth headset that covers your mouth with two magnetically connecting pads. It’s meant to allow people to talk on their Bluetooth headset without disturbing other people in the room — the pads muffle the sound. The Hushme also has external speakers that can play music so eavesdroppers can’t listen in on the conversation. But this would obviously be incredibly annoying to anybody else in the room.

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Laundroid and Foldimate Laundry Folding Bots

Nobody likes to fold their own laundry. Fortunately, two companies have created huge machines that do the work for you. As you guessed, these two machines can fold your clothes quickly and easily. Both machines take up a ton of space and cost hundreds of dollars, so they’re more commerical-facing products (or primed for the super rich without a hired laundry person).

Learn More: LaundroidLearn More: Foldimate

Kerastase Hair Coach by Withings

Do you need a smart hairbrush? Probably not. But Withings and Kerastase teamed up to create one anyway. The hairbrush has a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone that judge your brushing skills via a companion app. If you’re desperate for hair advice, maybe invest in this bush — or go to an actual human professional. Though chances are most people know how and how not to brush their hair by now.

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Spartan Radiation Boxers

These radiation boxers are purportedly woven with silver (along with other metals) and cotton, which are claimed to create an “electromagnetic shield” around a guy’s genitalia to protect males from harmful cell phone radiation, thus making them more fertile. Does it work? No idea.

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