This New Electric Vehicle Is Shockingly Affordable


kandi ev

There's never been a better time to switch over to an electric vehicle. Whether you're sick of feeling guilty for driving that ancient gas-guzzler or wary of hopping back on the subway now that "going viral" has become so unpopular, an electric vehicle is the best way to get around these days without spreading COVID or co2 everywhere. Plus, there are some really great (and affordable) options out there for anyone who's eager to go electric without eviscerating their savings account — like the Kandi America K23. Find out what makes the K23 so appealing below.

kandi ev


Affordable Electricity: Kandi makes some of the most affordable electric vehicles on the U.S. market, with promotional pricing for the K23 starting at $19,999 (with federal tax incentives), and just $9,999 for the K27.


City Limit(less): The K23 is perfect for everyday trips around town — whether you're grabbing groceries or bringing Bingo to the dog park. With a combined 90 EPA MPGe and the ability to travel up to 111 miles (EPA est.) before needing to be charged, the K23 can get you around and out of town. Plus, it charges at both 120V and 240V.


Small and Spacious: With a roomy interior and ample trunk space, the K23 is as practical as it is affordable. It fits everything you need for a weekend on the road without taking up too much space in the garage or on the street.


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