Fitbit’s Sense Smartwatch Is the Perfect Way to Track Your Health This Holiday Season

Watch your stress management, heart health and skin temperature, plus everything else Fitbit is known for.


Health is on everyone's collective mind these days. Whether it's physical health, mental health, stress — it's at the forefront of your day to day more than ever. The result, is that most of us are left wanting to know more about health, and in turn, are endeavoring to find a path to better health and wellness. That path starts with usable data, statistics and actionable suggestions — all of which are core to the new Fitbit Sense health smartwatch. The Sense helps you keep track of three key areas of your health: stress management (through an on-device electrodermal activity (EDA) scan app to track your body’s response to stress), heart health (through an ECG sensor), and skin temperature (through an on-wrist thermometer that tracks fluctuations in your body temp throughout the day/night). Plus, new users can get a six-month free trial to Fitbit Premium, where you can unlock a host of other functionalities.

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