Vizio’s Affordable, Beautiful 2017 4K TVs Make Watching TV Easy Again

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Vizio’s 2016 P-Series and M-Series were very good 4K HDR TVs at affordable prices — we even crowned its lower-end M-Series as a GP100 selection. Both lineups had a relatively novel approach to TVs: They came with tablets instead of remotes. That’s changing in 2017.

The next iterations of Vizio’s P-Series and M-Series — which now bear the long-winded titles P-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Pro and M-Series Ultra HD HDR XLED Plus — revert back to the traditional TV-viewing experience, wherein you change channels and navigate smart apps with a traditional remote. You can change TV settings on the actual TV again, too, which in last year’s models had to be done on the tablet. For those who think they’ll miss the tablet, fear not; you can still download Vizio’s mobile app and navigate the screen that way.

Both the M-Series and P-Series come with built-in Chromecast, plus support for Dolby Vision and HDR10. The main difference between the two is the higher-end P-Series has a higher effective refresh rate (240Hz vs 120Hz) and better dimming qualities (i.e., brighter brights and darker darks).

As for price, the TVs are still very affordable. You can get a 50-inch 2017 M-Series for $800; on the other side is a 75-inch for $3,000. The pricier 2017 P-Series starts at $1,300 for a 55-inch and runs up to $3,500 for a 75-inch model. Both 2017 Vizio M-Series and P-Series are available now.

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