A Total Redesign Makes Google News Worth a Second Chance

It has a renewed focus on fact checked stories.


For the first time in years, Google News — Google’s web service that aggregates news from around the internet — just got a major redesign. It now has a simpler, more “Google-ly” look. Most importantly, it’s actually easy to use now.

The new layout has three new verticals for you to choose from: Headlines, Local, and For You. In the feed, each news story now is now clearly defined as a white card displaying the headline, publication, publish time, featured photo and summary. And on the left side of the page, there are sections to further organize your feed — business, technology, sports, science, etc.

Another siginifcant change is the site’s dedicated “Fact Check” block, under the Headlines vertical, where you’ll find articles that have been fact checked by sites like Politifact and Snopes.

The redesign makes Google News a viable place to get your news — finally. If you’re frustrated with getting your news on Facebook, Twitter or Flipboard — or maybe you want something broader than RSS feeds like Feedly — it might be time to give Google News another chance.

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