Sony Is Bringing Vinyl Back — For the First Time in 28 Years

Sony’s artists include Frank Sinatra, Beyoncé and Paul McCartney.


Sony is bringing vinyl back. For the first time since it ceased production in 1989, Sony will commence pressing vinyl records again — that’s a 28-year hiatus. It’s unclear which records the technology giant will produce, though it’s worth being excited about since Sony Music’s artists include some of the biggest names of all time: Frank Sinatra, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Adele and Paul McCartney. (You can see the full list of Sony artists, here.)

The recommitment to vinyl comes when it’s good for business. Despite the extreme popularity of digital services like Spotify, vinyl sales have grown each of the last seven years, according to CNN Money.

Sony will commence production by March 2018 in its Tokyo factory.

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