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Would You Pay to Shoot in the Same Locations as Professional Photographers? This App Thinks So

Your personal photo scout.


Explorest is a new iOS app that’s designed to help photographers find scenic locations by telling them where exactly other photographs were taken. It’s not the first app of its ilk, but, according to Digital Trends, Explorest is different because it doesn’t use the GPS metadata from photos found on the web. Instead, the photos on Explorest are submitted by professional photographers and travel experts. In addition to giving the exact GPS coordinates of where they took the photo, the app also shares key details: directions on how to get to that location, the best times to travel there, and the specific photography tips for each shot. The app also has an offline mode in case you’re planning a trip to a really remote location.

There are a few catches, however. Explorest only features Singapore locations at the moment, though that’s expected to change in the very near future. Also, the app is free now, but after July 31 you’ll have to pay a subscription — it’ll cost $5/month or $30/year.

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