This Electric Balance Bike Is Perfect for Young Riders

The STACYC 16eDRIVE Brushless will support and grow with your child as they build their confidence on the bike.

stacyc electric bike

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STACYC 16eDRIVE Brushless:

STACYC creates lightweight, non-intimidating electric balance bikes for young children. Made with stable bike geometry, low seat height and ergonomic features, these bikes allow kids to engage with outdoor riding and play. Each bike is designed to make learning to ride easier, intuitive and more fun for kids at each stage of their development. Your child can learn to push, balance and coast in the non-powered mode and then graduate to the powered mode as they grow in their abilities. The STACYC 16eDRIVE Brushless is the perfect bike to guide your little one to find their path.

stacyc ebike

Perfect for Little Rippers

This Brushless 16eDRIVE is ideal for five- to seven-year-olds. With a 17-inch seat height and a weight of 19 lbs, your child will be fitted to learn and explore on a bike made exactly for them.


With three different power selection modes (red/training mode, yellow/standard and green/advanced mode), this bike can take them from beginner to expert.


The STACYC 16eDRIVE Brushless also offers a 30-60 minute run-time and a charge time of only 30-60, so kids can spend more time adventuring outdoors and less time sitting and waiting for it to charge.

Price: $949


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