The 2.7-Pound XPS 13 Plus Is a Lightweight Laptop Powerhouse

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Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus laptop ($1,099+) is a razor-thin, do-it-all powerhouse. Thanks to its 12th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ processor, the XPS 13 Plus weighs less than three pounds but offers twice the processing power of previous models.

It’s built for everything from streaming content to fine-tuning creative projects and tackling everyday tasks with ease. A collection of new, edge-to-edge interfaces simplify the laptop’s overall design, delivering a sleek, harmonious surface from display to keyboard to touchpad.

dell xps 13 plus laptop
dell xps 13 plus laptop

The Backstory

Dell's Technology Powers Progress

Proudly "by the world we want to live in," Dell was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to "the best technology." In recent years, Dell has focused on creating solutions that harness and amplify technology "in the most meaningful ways."

The company has used its platform to develop new technology for the healthcare field, educators and students and the digital economy at large. Meanwhile, its core lineup has consistently offered affordable, cutting-edge products for any household. Those on the hunt for accessible, competitive laptops should begin and end their search with the XPS 13 or XPS 13 Plus – both are purpose-built for students, creative professionals and remote workers of every kind.

The Gist

What Are the Best Features in Dell’s New XPS 13 Plus?

Beyond offering double the processing power of the XPS 13, the new XPS 13 Plus also boasts increased battery life, an innovative keyboard and a gorgeously seamless glass touchpad.

In terms of battery power, users can take advantage of up to 13 hours of battery life on one charge (when streaming or working within an FHD+ display). Recharging also takes less than an hour, thanks to the laptop’s ExpressCharge function.

Those wanting to kick it up a notch can take advantage of the computer’s OLED or 4K+ display functions and stream for seven hours straight on a single charge. The InfinityEdge display provides 4K+ resolution to show every vivid detail of photos, movies and content – supplemented by a rich, "quad-speaker" design for a louder, broader range of sound.

Dell's stunning and streamlined zero-lattice keyboard stretches from edge to edge and boasts several smooth rows of larger, deeper keycaps for optimal ergonomic control. A backlit row of function keys makes toggling between media and special features a cinch.

Perhaps the laptop's pièce de résistance is the impossibly beautiful, seamless glass touchpad, which unites and elevates its entire design profile. The unobtrusive touchpad is built for precise, responsive feedback and serves to visually unify the interface.


The XPS 13 Plus is a Powerful Laptop You’ll Immediately Fall in Love With

This powerful laptop is sleek, affordable and incredibly user-friendly. It's purpose-built to take you from building spreadsheets to streaming shows to answering (just a couple) late-night emails without breaking a sweat – and while looking like a billion bucks. Crucially, it's equipped to carry you through an entire day on a single charge and makes topping off the capacious battery quick and painless. Overall, the streamlined display, keyboard, function key and touchpad interfaces work in concert both practically and aesthetically to keep every feature right at your fingertips, making every maneuver from task to task that much easier.

Any professional on the go, student or media lover looking for a premium upgrade laptop that can keep up with every demand should check out the XPS 13 and XPS 13 Plus today.

Price: $1,099*

(*pricing subject to change)


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