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The Best Outdoor TVs for Your Backyard

An outdoor TV is built to withstand both heat and cold. It also has a brighter display so it's easier to watch during the day.

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If you're in the market for an outdoor TV — congratulations, you've made it. You have a living situation where you can watch TV while also enjoying a pool, a barbecue or just some fresh air on your backyard patio. It's the good life.

That said, an outdoor TV is an admittedly niche market. Unlike traditional "indoor" TVs, outdoor TVs are built a bit tougher. They have more rugged designs to battle the heat and the cold, as well as elements like rain (and humidity) and sun. They have special displays to fight off the glare. And, generally, they get brighter so their picture is easier to see during the day.

Things to Look For

Brightness: The brighter the area you're looking to place your outdoor TV, the brighter you want your outdoor TV to get. Otherwise, you won't actually be able to see what you're watching. Typically, a TV with a max brightness of around 800 nits is enough to be situated in a bright location. A TV with a max brightness of less than 500 nits is more suited for a shaded location (or if you don't plan on watching as much TV during the day).

Weather resistance: Pretty much every outdoor TV has an IP rating, which indicates its resistance to dust (the first number that follows "IP") and water (the second number that follows "IP." Depending on how much overhead coverage your TV has — maybe it is under an awning, for instance — and how much water you expect it to deal with, that should determine how much water resistance you need it to have.

Streaming: Not every outdoor TV has built-in Wi-Fi and supports streaming, meaning you should expect to buy an external box, such as an Apple TV or Roku stick, and connect it. Most of these outdoor TVs have water-resistant compartments for housing streaming sticks or other media players, so you don't need to worry as much about keeping them dry.

Sound quality: Just like traditional TVs, outdoor TVs don't typically come with the best built-in speakers, either. This means you're likely going to want to invest in a sound system, too, although this can get complicated as you'll need this system to be weather resistant, too.

Why You Should Trust Us

We've been writing about and reviewing TVs and home theater sound systems — including televisions, projectors, soundbars, AV receivers, media players and more — for near-on a decade. We also work with major brands and talk to experts within the home theater and audio industries. The below selections of outdoor TVs are a combination of products that we've had hands-on experience with as well as products by brands trusted within the home theater and audio space.

Element Outdoor Roku Smart TV

Element Outdoor Roku Smart TV (55")

  • Relatively Affordable
  • Good Brightness
  • Runs Roku's familiar OS

  • Only available in a 55" size

This is actually the only outdoor TV that you can buy that natively comes with Roku's smart operating system baked right in. No need to get a separate streaming stick. It's a 4K display that's bright enough to handle most outdoor lighting situations. Plus, it's one of the most affordable outdoor TVs you can buy. The major downside is it only comes in 55" models, which is rather small for a so-called party TV.

Sizes: 55"

Resolution: 4K

Brightness: 700 nits

Water-resistance: IP55

Samsung The Terrace

Samsung The Terrace (65")
$5,195.98 (16% off)

  • Gorgeous picture
  • High brightness
  • Comes with Samsung's Tizen OS

  • Very expensive

Samsung's The Terrace is an outdoor TV with a gorgeous QLED display that gets super bright. It has a zippy 120Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for watching live-action sports (and gaming). It's one of the few outdoor TVs with a built-in operating system (Samsung's Tizen) for easy streaming, as well as supporting AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. As for sound quality, Samsung makes the Terrance Soundbar ($1,198) that's designed as the perfect partner for this outdoor TV.

Sizes: 55", 65", 75"

Resolution: 4K

Brightness: 2,000 nits

Water-resistance: IP55

Séura Full Sun Series

Séura Full Sun Series (50")

  • Gorgeous picture
  • High brightness
  • Very rugged design

  • Extremely expensive
  • No built-in OS

Séura's Full Sun series of outdoor TVs are beasts. They're some of the brightest outdoor TVs you can buy, but you can also adjust the brightness (there are five different modes) so that the picture looks best for your environment. They're some of the most rugged outdoor TVs, too, and can survive in temperatures that range from -40 degrees to 140 degrees (Fahrenheit). The main downside is that they're wicked expensive.

Sizes: 50", 65", 85"

Resolution: 4K

Brightness: 2,000

Water-resistance: IP55

Peerless-AV Neptune

Peerless-AV Neptune (65")

  • Comes with LG's webOS
  • Good built-in speakers

  • Relatively low brightness
  • Fairly expensive

The Peerless AV Nepture is another excellent outdoor TV. Compared to the other options on this list, it's relatively affordable and boasts top-not features like a 4K picture with HDR support. It has a pretty impressive pair of 8-watt speakers, meaning you don't necessarily need to get an additional sound system. And it comes baked with Wi-Fi connection and LG's webOS, which makes streaming easy. The downside is that it's not the brightest outdoor TV and is best for covered or shaded areas.

Sizes: 55", 65", 75"

Resolution: 4K

Brightness: 500 nits

Water-resistance: IP54

Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV

Furrion Aurora (65

  • Available in small sizes
  • Relatively affordable
  • Good brightness

  • No built-in OS

The Furrion Aurora is a rugged outdoor TV that can handle both extremely cold or warm environments. It's a 4K TV that supports HDR and gets relatively bright, although it doesn't compete with the super high-end options. The real advantage of the Furrion Aurora is that they are one of the few outdoor TVs that come in relatively small sizes (43" and 49", specifically). They're also very reasonably priced, with smaller models costing just over $1,000.

Sizes: 43", 49", 55", 65"

Resolution: 4K

Brightness: 750 nits

Water-resistance: IP54

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