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For those who’ve wasted hours online comparing warranty plans and ended up overpaying for subpar service – say hello to Mulberry. The Mulberry Chrome extension gives you free 1-year product protection plans for everything you buy online, from electronics to outdoor gear. With the lowest prices on extended protection, you can save up to $429 when you purchase longer-term plans through Mulberry. Wherever you shop online, Mulberry has you covered with everything from product protection to savings on everyday financial products.

Through the Mulberry Chrome browser extension, new users can access a full year of product protection for free when they download the extension and sign up. Plus, with the lowest rates on extended plans – guaranteed – you can shop with all the peace of mind that comes with traditional product protection, like AppleCare+, for a fraction of the price.

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The Backstory

Mulberry: A Brand Built on Saving You Money

Mulberry is on a mission to help people save on their most important purchases. It offers protection plans for your most coveted outdoor gear, electronics and other products through a user-friendly extension that alerts you while you shop. Its flagship product, MulberryCare, includes free product protection for one year. Want longer term protection? You can still enjoy the lowest prices on extended protection and save up to $429 when you purchase longer-term plans. You’ll also find great offers on everyday financial products like high-yield savings accounts, cash back credit cards and deals on travel, home, pet and car insurance. Essentially, you don’t want to miss out on a single Mulberry alert.

The Gist

Is Mulberry Easy to Use?

The Mulberry extension is super easy to use and free to install from the Chrome web store. Once you add the extension to your browser, make sure to pin it to take advantage of the maximum amount of benefits.

From there, you’ll receive alerts while you shop if products you view are eligible for product protection. You’ll also get alerts when Mulberry finds savings on financial products you’re exploring like home, pet, car and travel insurance. Additionally, you’ll have access to credit cards that offer max cash back and travel rewards so you can keep more money in your pocket. Shop smart and save across the board with Mulberry.

Mulberry offers product protection directly to consumers - without the middleman insurer, they’re able to pass huge savings on to you. Let’s look at AppleCare+ compared to MulberryCare. MulberryCare can cover all your Apple devices – at a much, much better rate. Most users know that AppleCare+ comes with a premium (for example, an iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a $599 five-year plan), but few realize that they’ll also have to pay deductibles and additional fees each time they file a claim. Meanwhile, the equivalent MulberryCare plan only costs $130, has no deductible and never requires additional fees. Check out this article to see how MulberryCare blows AppleCare+ out of the water.


Mulberry is a Super Easy Way to Save Money on Insurance and Protect Your Most Expensive Products

Today, more and more consumers are doing the majority of their shopping online. That said, hitting the ‘purchase’ button on a big ticket item can feel pretty intimidating. Similarly, securing product protection and warranty coverage for purchases adds the pressure of spending hours researching different options to ensure you’re finding the best rate possible.

That’s where Mulberry shines. With MulberryCare, you’ll never have to wonder whether you’re getting the most bang for your buck. So download the extension today, and enjoy a full free year of MulberryCare. Your wallet will thank you.

Price: Free For One Year with Chrome Extension


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