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Found: A Mint Mil-spec Leica Made for the US Army

In the 70s, the US military commissioned Leica to make a burly version of its M4.

In the 1970s, the US Military needed a camera to issue to the small 400-or-so photojournalists that it employed. Naturally they chose Leica. To make the KE-7A, the company took their standard M4, beefed it up with weather sealing and a burlier shutter that could function in subzero temperatures, finished it in black chrome and removed the red dot from the front — basically, they created the perfect rangefinder. Though Leica made 3 matching lenses, it was most often paired with the 50mm f/2 Elcan. Only 505 cameras were made (and of those only 460 were actually acquired by the military), but if you’re coveting the perfect mix of stealth, durability and performance it’s your lucky day. Camera store M&K Kamera has listed a nearly perfect one for sale on eBay. Price? $24,899 — or the price of about 3 similarly kitted M10s.

Buy Now: $24,899

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