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What’s In the Office This Week: The Tech We’re Testing Right Now

Including the truly wireless earbuds, a wireless transmitter for your TV, and B&O’s Beoplay M3 wireless speaker.


Welcome to the latest installment of Staff Picks. Every other week, we’ll tell you about the tech we’re currently testing — everything from cameras to hi-fi headphones, extremely large desktop monitors to smart home appliances — as well as the grail items we wish we could buy. To see what we’ve previously been testing, click here.

Nyrius Aries Pro

Congratulations, you just wall-mounted your 60-inch 4K TV! Unfortunately, your unsightly cable box will be ruining this experience in minimalistic decor. With the Nyrius Aries Pro, however, you can now wirelessly stream any HDMI content to your TV; so put the cable box on a bookshelf across the room and none are the wiser. But even cooler than that is the ability to stream from a drone or camera to a display or tv, mirror your computer or play PC games on whatever screen you have at home. I was impressed by how small it is and how many uses it has. Sure an Apple TV can solve some of those issues but if you haven’t cut the cable yet, you can at least cut the cords. — Bradley Hasemeyer, Contributor

Buy Now: $250

Erato Verse Truly Wireless Earbuds

Truly wireless earbuds are becoming more and more ubiquitous — well, at least AirPods are — and Erato’s Verse are the latest model to enter the fray. They boast graphene drivers that, from what I can tell, produce clear sound with decent bass and minimal distortion. The earbuds are small and lightweight, unlike wireless earbuds by Bose or Jabra, and the case is among the smallest I’ve seen. They’re earbuds that need to fit snug in your ear canals, unlike AirPods that rest on the outside of the ear canals. The touch controls on the earbuds was a little finicky, admittedly, but other than that they were just very good headphones. I still prefer AirPods because they fit in my ears the best, plus I have an iPhone, these are a good alternative if you’re willing to drop $186. — Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $186

B&O Beoplay M3 Wireless Speaker

The Beoplay M3 is the cheapest wireless multiroom speaker that Bang & Olufsen has ever released — it’s true. But at roughly $100 more than a Sonos Play:1 speaker, with comparable sound, I’m guessing it’s going to be a tough sell for most. You probably have to really love the speaker’s design — with has exchangeable fabric covers (wool, pearl blasted, anodized aluminum) — or want another Chromecast-enabled speaker to add to your home’s sound and home theater system. Still, I’m looking forward to testing it over the next week, with the Beoplay M5 speaker ($599), to see how they sound and how seamlessly the multiroom functionality is. Stay tuned for that review. — Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Buy Now: $299

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