Cleartones Serious Ringtones

Dialing It Down


Hearing a clip of Don’t Stop Believin’ every time someone calls may never get old to you, but your colleagues and that woman you were chatting up at the bar don’t see things the same way. That kind of move was somehwat forgivable back when your only other option involved using defaults — “Boing” and “Marimba” weren’t exactly steps in a better direction. It’s also just sadly Pavlovian when one person’s ring causes everyone in the room to reach for their phone. With that in mind, Cleartones is a solution we’ve all been waiting for. For $10, iPhone and Android users can download 50 unique, minimalist ringtones, designed to tastefully grab your attention without causing a ruckus. If that kind of pay for ringtones disgusts your inner accountant, Cleartones also gives visitors the option of tweeting out a promo in exchange for four free tones. They’ve also got a few available for listening on their site, just in case your online reputation is too epic to sully.

Buy Now: $10

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