Onkyo BD-SP809 THX Certified Blu-ray Player

Getting the Most Out of Those $20 Pieces of Plastic

You may be through with the whole disc-based movie thing at this point, but anyone who demands the best in video quality will value the firepower of Onkyo’s newly announced BD-SP809 Blu-ray player ($599). It’s THX certified, and sports Marvell’s Qdeo processing for top notch DVD 1080p upscaling and Blu-ray video quality. Home theater geeks with older, non-3D capable receivers will also appreciate Onkyo’s inclusion of two HDMI 1.4 ports, since it enables the player to route video directly to a 3D display while still allowing a non-3D receiver to deal with audio. Additional features like Netflix, Blockbuster, and VUDU streaming, along with DLNA network compliance aren’t exactly cutting edge, but it’s a fair offering compared to other videophile gear which typically could care less about the media consumption practices of mere plebeians. In terms of shipping, expect units to arrive sometime in August.

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