Is This The Ultimate Low Light Portrait Lens?

Designed to work Leica M, Sony E and Fuji X mounts.


Meyer Optik just released the world’s fastest 75mm lens: the Nocturnus 0.95/75mm. It’s a retro-looking, full-frame lens with an extremely wide aperture, ranging from f/0.95 (widest) to f/16 (narrowest), and it’s designed to work Leica M, Sony E and Fuji X mounts. The lens has 15 stainless-steel aperture blades that ideal for portrait photography, especially if the lighting isn’t so great; the 15 blades create a three-dimensional appearance of the subject and background, according to PetaPixel, that also enables the photographer to get really creative in terms of bokeh and depth of field.

Like Meyer Optik’s entire line, this is a manual lens — no autofocus. The lens can be pre-ordered now for $2,300 and it’s expected to ship in December 2018. If you miss out on pre-orders, the lens will cost way more ($4,900), meaning if you’re interested you probably should jump on this now.

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