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Moleskine’s New Productivity App Is a Lot Like Its Notebooks — Really Simple, Really Good

Available on the iTunes store, Actions by Moleskine is a stupidly simple, stupidly pretty productivity app.


Moleskine notebooks did not become as popular as they have by way of suggestive design — it became popular for the exact opposite reason. Moleskine notebooks are nothing but a sturdy front and back cover, ivory-colored pages and your choice of gridded or lined paper. Knowing this, it’s easy to guess what a productivity app by Moleskine would look like — clean, loads of empty space and without loads of extra features and functions.

Actions is a new productivity app aimed at keeping you on task without burdening you with the weight of tasks that have sub-tasks that have sub-sub-side-tasks. Add tasks on simple cards that appear and reorganize the order of the list per your priorities, and cards can have short notes attached to include small bits of extra info (phone numbers, grocery lists, etc.). Actions is also compatible with Timepage, Moleskine’s calendar syncing app — syncing Actions with Timepage pulls your Timepage calendar into your daily tasks. The beauty of the app is its intuitiveness and its simplicity — you open it and it’s very clear what it does, and it isn’t too in your face about using its 126 task customization options.

Actions is available on the iTunes store now, and it’s free to download.

Learn More: Here

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