Smithson Martin Emulator Multi-Touch Professional DJ System

Can Touch This

Old school DJs were just as much showmen as they were beat droppers. Then computers made the whole craft much more nerdy. As it turns out, clicking on trackpads just isn’t as engaging as tearing up vinyl. Replace the laptops of today with an enormous, transparent touch panel display, and the pendulum could swing back to the roots of Herc, Bambaataa, and Knuckles. Smithson & Martin’s powerful emulator is the brains behind their multi-touch professional DJ system ($3,850+). Built off of the popular DJ software, Traktor Pro (Ableton & Serrato version are in development), it gives spinners complete control over customizing their MIDI touch interface for use on nearly any multi-touch device — at any resolution. The real jaw-unhinging starts, however, when the software runs on the set’s included 42″ transparent multi-touch screen, which works in conjunction with an Optoma Pro Short Throw rear projector. Together, they create a visual spectacle that echoes Minority Report in all of its futuretech glory. Watch the video that shows off the system in action after the break, and get a taste of what will likely be the standard gear for pro club DJ’s (and super rich wannabes) in the future. If an EpiPen existed for deterring gadget lust, we’d take four in the thigh right about now.

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Buy Now: Software Only $300 | Software + 42″ Touch Screen $5,950

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