SPOT X is the Off-the-grid Messaging Device For Modern Exploration

SPOT X has built a modern two-way satellite messaging device for modern off-the-grid exploration that makes it easier to communicate with others.


Going to areas with spotty or no cell service can be stress-inducing. Whether that means heading into the backcountry or traveling to a region where a mobile phone isn’t an option, it adds another element of risk if something were to go wrong.

While satellite phones are typically bulky, pricey and can be quite complicated to operate, SPOT X offers an ease-of-use not found by most two-way satellite messaging devices. The lightweight SPOT X raises the bar for messaging without cell service by providing users with their own personal mobile US number, which allows others to message the device directly at any time. This makes it easier to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues when you go off-the-grid. And the inclusion of an illuminated QWERTY keyboard makes the device easy-to-use in any light.

Communicating through waypoint tracking and the Globalstar satellite network, SPOT X also provides a direct line to Search & Rescue services for emergencies. The navigation tracking by way of Google Maps allows those concerned with your whereabouts to keep tabs on your endeavors. And if you want to post to social media, SPOT X lets users link their accounts for posting messages.

When utilizing continuous tracking in 10-minute intervals, battery life can last up to 10 days. SPOT X is also impact-resistant, dust and waterproof. Subscription services are affordable since no annual contract is needed — flex plans only require a one-month subscription and start at $14.95. With a coverage map that envelopes nearly everywhere in the world, just about anywhere you go the SPOT X will take the anxiety out of going off-the-grid.

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