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Thunderclap Alarm Clock

Bombs Awake


It may look like something snagged for three cents out of the bottom of a bargain bin, but bedroom style is a necessary bedside sacrifice for a particular type of sleeper. You know — the kind who could doze through a taser to the jugular. The Thunderclap Alarm’s 113-decibel ringer provides the same get-the-hell-up-and-go drive as a close call with lightning, minus the risk of electroshock therapy. Since not all people are auditory learners, the device also flashes three bright red LEDS and ships with a vibrating pad, powerful enough to send tremors down your mattress. Thinking a power outage could be your only savior? Think again, since an optional removable 9-volt battery pack accessory is available for dedicated users.

Buy Now: $35

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