Leaked: Tesla’s $65 Power Bank Can Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone

It has an integrated USB-C cable and it supports Qi-wireless charging.


The Tesla Wireless Charger ($65) isn’t the company’s first portable power bank, as it released the Powerbank ($45) late last year, but this new model is larger, prettier and way upgraded for modern smartphones. It has an integrated USB-C cable and it also outputs Qi-wireless charging, so you can lay your new smartphone right on top of it to charge – no charging cables needed. It packs 6,000mAh of power and can output 5-watts, which isn’t quite enough to fast charge the latest iPhones and Android smartphones. It also has a USB-A port in case you want to plug in a separate charging cable.

As far as practicality, you can buy higher-capacity portable power banks for way less than the Tesla Wireless Charger. Anker and RavPower both make cheaper alternatives. However, if you’re buying this Tesla it’s more about exclusivity and luxury, sort of like buying a Supreme collaboration. There’s no word on the exact release date for the Tesla Wireless Charger, as the company actually leaked and then took the product off its website for now. If you’re interested in purchasing this new portable power bank, keep checking Tesla’s website, as it’s bound to be officially announced shortly.

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