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This Is the Smartwatch to Handle Any Outdoor Pursuit

The Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN is a smartwatch built for the outdoors with low-power GPS, Google’s Wear OS and activity apps.

A smartwatch should enhance your capabilities when on the move. That also goes for outdoor pursuits — going skiing or hiking in the 21st-century no longer means you’re without that convenient technology on your wrist. And that’s precisely what the Casio PRO TREK Smart line of watches does.


The latest addition to this versatile collection is the Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN ($399). It offers a moss green silicone band inspired by nature with a black bezel and orange accents. A wide variety of dial displays are available, from options that display just the time to those that feature maps, location data and more. The smartwatch also provides all of the features and functionality of the PRO TREK Smart series that has made the timepieces reliable outdoor tools.

A fitness tracker, GPS device and smartwatch all wrapped into one, the PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN is powered by Google’s Wear OS for heightened capabilities. It allows for integration with Google apps like Gmail and Google Play. The OS also ties-in elements like voice action from Google Assistant, WhatsApp and messaging. The dual-layer LCD capacitive touchscreen makes access to all of these apps simple and effective. The PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN packs more than enough to be a capable everyday smartwatch, but where it truly excels is outside.


In the outdoors is where Casio’s ultra-useful Triple Sensor technology comes into play. The pressure sensor tracks air pressure and altitude, while an accelerometer and compass all give extraordinary abilities in the field — so you’ll never be without precious information when out in the backcountry. These essential tools are utilized best with the activity-focused apps that are available for the PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN.

Snow lovers can get the most out of the Ski Tracks app which is designed specifically for winter sports and is the ultimate ski companion. It can track your whole day on the mountain via data like distance covered and speed traveled. Ski Tracks even compiles all that to give you averages throughout your day of riding.

And the ViewRanger app for trekking in the backcountry boasts built-in, low-power GPS and detailed distance and altitude metrics. It can download maps ahead of time to help guide hikers or off-piste skiers even when the watch is offline. The options are stocked for apps that cover any sport or activity like running, fishing, equestrian, swimming, golfing, hiking and radar for weather.


With all of that utility comes an equal amount of reliability. The battery life in the PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN is also commendable, with the lithium-ion battery lasting roughly one day for normal use while utilizing the GPS function in an intermittent setting. A magnetic charging terminal offers quick recharging time (two hours) while using the AC adaptor or special charger cable.

The Casio PRO TREK WSD-F20AGN is made further useful in the outdoors with this battery life and recharging proficiency. The entire package presents an adept smartwatch that can handle tough conditions and thrives in helping users go further in their outdoor pursuits.

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