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GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam

Epic Moments, Take Two


GoPro’s original line of cameras established the brand as the go-to outfitter for documenting the near-death experiences of the outdoor-inclined/insane. Their successor HD Hero 2 ($300) ups the ante by providing professional low light performance, double the image sharpness, and adding a new narrow (90 degree) and medium (127 degree) recording angle to the original’s wide 170 degree option. A mini-HDMI port is a welcomed bonus for viewing footage on the big screen — but the Wi-Fi capabilities for previewing, playing, or streaming video to the web enabled by GoPro’s upcoming WiFi BacPac may render it largely unnecessary. The HD Hero 2 available now in three versions optimized for the outdoors, motorsports, and surfing depending on your adrenaline slap of choice. Luckily, the original also received a price drop to a cool $200 — so if you’ve been too prudent to let your inner Knievel and Bay dance before, now’s the time to tango.

Check out the demo video after the break.

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