The 11 Best Tech Features of 2018

In terms of our tech coverage, we’ve hit a little bit of everything: deals, interviews, buying guides, product news and reviews. The deepest dives, however, have been our feature stories.


This past year, we published thousands of articles and released three print magazines, including our GP100 issue, announcing the 100 best products of the year. The tech desk has hit a little bit of everything: deals, interviews, buying guides, product news and reviews. The deepest dives, however, have been our feature stories.

We profiled Schiit Audio, a California audio company making really high-end headphone amplifiers and selling them for cheap. We’ve visited the labs of Bolt Threads, a biotech company whose synthetic spider silk could change the outdoor industry forever. We’ve investigated and tested fake AirPods. We’ve interviewed music professionals about their record collections. And we’ve talked to architects about why they’re switching over to iPads. That’s just the start. Below you’ll find our favorite tech features of 2018.

This Is the California Company Making Desktop Hi-Fi Affordable

We talk to Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat, cofounders of Schiit Audio, who detail how they're making desktop hi-fi affordable again.

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3 Medium Format Cameras Worth the Upgrade

Medium format cameras have never been more approachable. Here are three picks at three different price points.

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12 Essential Records Loved by Audio Nerds

Vinyl records have a warmth, crackle and pop that digital audio files can't replicate. And that's part of the reason we love listening to them.

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Which Smartphone Has the Best Camera of 2019? We Compare.

The camera is one of the biggest selling points of a smartphone. So, which one is best?

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Is Spider Silk the Performance Fabric of the Future?

Bolt Threads is the biotech company behind Microsilk, a synthetic spider silk that's engineered from water, yeast and spider DNA.

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How the MoMA Design Store Selects the Best-Designed Products

The mission of the MoMA Design Store is to make good design available to as many people as possible.

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Should You Buy Fake AirPods on Amazon?

How bad could they be, right?

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This App Is Converting Architects Over to Apple

Trace is a versatile app that can be used for DIY home renovations or professional projects.

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Why Smart Speakers Are Everything That Matters in Audio

How will popular stalwarts like Bose or Sonos convince customers that their speakers are different from Amazon’s, Google’s or Apple’s?

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This Is What 400 Megapixels Looks Like: The New Hasselblad H6D-400c MS

Don’t touch Hasselblad’s new $47,000, 400 megapixel H6D-400S MS. It’s very sensitive.

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The Apple Watch Is Now Better at Skiing Than You Are

Close off your Activity rings while you ski.

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