A Device That Makes Cryptocurrency Easy Enough for Everyone

The Coinmine One device and mobile app simplify and automate the process of making and updating your own crypto hardware and wallets.


Up to now, benefitting from the world of cryptocurrency has required a lot of technical know-how. But the premise is relatively simple: You earn crypto by sharing your computing power with cryptocurrency networks that use that computing to free information and money from the traditional centralized models. Coinmine built the Coinmine One device and mobile app for anyone to earn crypto for powering a more decentralized world right from their home.

The all-in-one crypto device offers more than just mining. Powered by its own operating system MineOS, Coinmine One includes a full Bitcoin Lightning Node and over-the-air updates for additional features. Just plug in the device, open the app and choose the crypto network to power. The mobile app tracks all your earnings and you can mine Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero and Z-Cash right out of the box. You’ll also be ready to effortlessly power future currencies and networks like Grin, DFINITY and Filecoin, making the Coinmine One an efficient way to continually adapt to the ever-changing cryptocurrency world.

Buy Now: $799

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