Kickstarter: Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker

Can-do attitude

Hidden Radio

We credit the Rams’-like looks of the new hidden radio & Bluetooth Speaker on Kickstarter for catching our eye this morning — despite our luke warm feelings about most Bluetooth audio. The monolithic can avoids spoiling its clean lines with external buttons by incorporating a simple but effective twist top design. The first twist turns the speaker on, while raising the cap higher increases the internal volume to up to 80db. Bluetooth is obviously the preferred method for transmitting audio, but an AM/FM radio and 3.5mm audio input are also included for you old schoolers. Battery life is quoted at 30+ hours of streaming music, which means you’ll likely forget the thing ever needs to be recharged. Industrial Designers John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria have already spent $50K on the project, but they’re still seeking another $125,000 in Kickstarter backing to get the Hidden Radio officially out on the market. Toss in a minimum donation of $99, and you’ll receive one of the first of off the assembly line for your contribution.

Buy Now: $99+

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