This Kettlebell Is the Future of Home Gym Equipment

Why buy six weights when you can get one that does the same thing?


It’s no secret that gyms are getting smarter — from digital check-ins to apps that monitor your location to let you know a discounted class just popped up around the corner from where you are, to jump ropes that count your reps. Workout apps are upping their game, as are the machines and tools you use to get in a great workout. However, some devices, like dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, haven’t seen much change in the rapidly advancing tech-infused world, until now. At the Consumer Electronics Show, JaxJox announced the KettlebellConnect, a smart kettlebell that goes from 12-pounds to 42-pounds in seconds.

Kettlebells are typically filled with cast-iron to hit various weights, just like dumbbells or free weights. The KettlebellConnect plans to do the work of six kettlebells all in one (12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42-pounds). Change the exact number on the digital display where you’ll store the weight and watch it add or subtract interior weights in just three to five seconds. It has the same wide grip handle that many kettlebells have, which helps you to get a firm grip, whether you’re doing swings, catches or halos.

The battery lasts for fourteen hours, so you can likely work out with this for a week or more before having to recharge it. It connects with an app to track your weights, movement and reps, so you never have to worry about missing one. Just be sure to have each set consist of at least five reps, so the app picks up on that. While we haven’t tested this yet, we’re looking forward to seeing how this kettlebell performs — it just might help us to invest in a home gym finally.

Buy Now: $349

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