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Need an ECG? Withings’ Newest Smartwatch Can Take One

The new Withings Move ECG, which debuted at CES 2019, is one of two smartwatches that can take a reading of your heart’s electrical rhythm.


On the long list of technology companies offering activity trackers that look like mechanical watches, Withings has always ranked near the top for pure aesthetics. But at CES 2019, the French brand debuted a new device that ups the ante on function: the Withings Move ECG. It can take an electrocardiogram, making it the only wearable other than the Apple Watch Series 4 that has this feature.

The ECG function captures a reading in about 20 seconds. During that time, the connected app asks users to hold onto the watch’s bezel so that one sensor in the ring can work with two sensors on the back of the case to measure the heart’s electrical rhythm. Whether or not it detects any irregularities, it can package the results into a PDF that you can share with your doctor.

This model also adds an elevation sensor, which enables the watch to track how many floors you’ve climbed in a day. Beyond this, it offers similar features to its previous models: it’s relatively lightweight, pairs with a great-looking phone app, is water resistant to 50m, and offers connected GPS.

It’s a great value for $129 — or it will be if the FDA approves the ECG function in time for its spring 2019 launch. But if you think your ticker is healthy enough to go without monitoring, you could get the lower-priced Withings Move. It sports all the features of the the Move ECG, just not the ECG. It also features a growing level of customizability (you can choose from five dial configurations and four straps; both options are expected to grow this year). It’s one of the best marriages of form and function we’ve seen at CES so far.

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