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The 10 Best Tech Gifts to Buy Your Loved Ones

From charging accessories to instant cameras, these are best tech gifts to give your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Chandler Bondurant

Chocolates get eaten and flowers wilt, but the right gadget will last your loved one years. And that’s what you want in a Valentine’s Day gift: longevity. Here are 10 non-perishable, non-cheesy gifts that fit the bill perfectly.

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera

We’re living through a digital age but some of the best things are still analog — like a picture. Fuji’s instant camera not only produces tangible photos to hang on the wall or fridge, it’s the coolest-looking instant film camera around. (And it works with both color and monochrome film.)

Buy Now: $100

Sangean WR-11 SE Table Top Radio

A traditional AM/FM radio is a step back in time — and that’s romantic. This vintage-inspired model has a lovely volume knob and it’s solid enough so you won’t have to worry about dinging it up. There’s no Bluetooth or wireless streaming, which is par for the course with vintage audio gear, but it does have an aux jack so you can wire up your iPhone and play music that way.

Buy Now: $75

Arturia Microbrute

This is a great gift for aspiring musicians. The Microbrute is an entry-level synthesizer that’s easy to use, but it’s still sophisticated enough to appeal to folks who want to take their music a little more seriously.

Buy Now: $349

Braun BNC004 Alarm Clock

Straight up, we love an old-school alarm clock. This one’s practical and strikingly pretty, a welcome addition to any night stand. It also has a voice-activated snooze button, so you can tell it to “shut up” instead of having to slap it.

Buy Now: $35

Craighill Nocturn Catch – Walnut

A valet tray is an elegant place to hold one’s EDC (everyday carry) — that’s gearspeak for your wallet, keys, AirPods, etc. This one is classy and would a great gift for people who don’t already use a catchall.

Buy Now: $88

Dovetail Record Crate by Symbol Audio

A wooden record crate is a terrific gift and Symbol Audio makes some of the most beautiful models around. It’s available in two finishes: rustic oak or natural walnut.

Buy Now: $225

Nomad Base Station Wireless Charging Hub

Here’s a unique desktop accessory, not because it looks a nice — an elegant combo of dark leather and space gray aluminum — but because it can wirelessly charge two Qi-enabled devices at once. It also has two additional USB ports (one USB-A, one USB-C), so it won’t hog your laptop’s ports, either.

Buy Now: $100

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case

The best thing about Apple’s iPhone cases is that they’re silicon and feel better in your hand than other cases. This one also works as a power bank that can almost double your iPhone’s battery life. Purchase it any of the new iPhones, as well as last year’s iPhone X.

Buy Now: $129

Polar Vantage V Multi-Sport Smartwatch

Not everybody wants an Apple Watch. Even though its excellent smartwatch with a strong emphasis on fitness and health, there are other options out there for those who are even more serious athletes. The Polar Vantage V, for example, is a beast. It’s the company’s most advantaged GPS smartwatch, decked out with all the sensors and specs to help any runner, cyclist or swimmer get in tip-top race shape.

Buy Now: $500

Topo Designs Mountain Duffel 40L (black)

This duffel back is super versatile. Use it as a travel bag, backpack, weekender or even a messenger. It’s durable, made from tough nylon, and it has a padded base.

Buy Now: $149

Casper Glow Light

Casper, the company famous for its deliverable mattress, has found a new way to help you sleep: lights. The Glow Light looks like a miniature HomePod, but instead of playing music, it gradually dims itself (and you) into sleep mode.

Buy Now: $90

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