Kickstarter: Cam Crate Weather Proof DSLR Case

Shooter Insurance

Cam Crate

The Cam Crate is the latest Kickstarter project to catch our eye, mainly because it’s dedicated to protecting something near and dear to our gear-loving hearts. Designer Matthew Geyster was inspired to create a waterproof, mudproof, crushproof, and shockproof case for his DSLR after his fear of damaging his camera caused him to miss more than a few precious shooting opportunities. The composite used for the case’s exterior shell is built to be tough — so much so that the Cam Crate will sell with a no questions asked lifetime warranty. The protective armor and soft interior are also designed to fit most DSLRs without attached battery grips. A larger version to support bigger rigs is in the works as well. Pledging $50 to the cause will land you a Cam Crate and a neck strap when the first models hop off the line. A more generous donation of $100 gets you a special edition Cam Crate, plus a wrist and neck strap. The only question we still have is, will it blend?

Buy Now: $50+

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