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This Is the Perfect Mini Music System for Your Desktop, And It Costs Under $300

Audioengine added wireless streaming to its best-in-class computer speakers.


Audioengine recently announced its newest computer speakers, the A2+ Wireless ($269), and they’re pretty much identical speakers to the A2+ ($249). They’re the same size. They have the same look. They have a power amp built inside the left speaker, so they sound great all on their own. And with numerous wired connections, you can easily hook them up to your computer, turntable, tablet or smartphone.

The difference is that Audioengine added Bluetooth aptX to the A2+ Wireless — hence the “Wireless” — so you can stream Tidal, Spotify, Pandora or YouTube straight from your smartphone. No wires required. And, like the A2+, there’s an output for a subwoofer if you want to add bass to the setup. Audioengine is dubbing the A2+ Wireless as the “perfect mini music system” because of the sound quality and the copious ways you can listen to it.

If you remember, Audioengine did pretty much this same thing with its larger bookshelf speakers about a year ago; it announced the A5+ Wireless, which added wireless streaming to the company’s already popular A5+ speakers — and they were great. You can expect similar results with the A2+ Wireless: great sound in a small package. The ability to stream is going to cost you an extra $20, which is the difference between the A2+ Wireless ($269) and A2+ ($249). Is the upgrade worth it? Absolutely.

The A2+ Wireless computer speakers are available in three colors: white, black and red.

Buy Now: $269

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