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Samsung DA-E750 Vacuum Tube AirPlay Dock



It doesn’t take a sleuth to see that the analog stereo bandwagon is growing beyond its fringe enthusiast roots into a mainstream consumer request. But unlike their positively eyegasmic flat screens, we can’t recall a time we’ve ever clamored for a piece of Samsung audio gear, much less an iPod dock, but the Samsung DA-E750 has us taking a second glance.

The flagship in a line up of new iOS — and Samsung Galaxy, naturally — audio docks to be unveiled at CES (we’ll see you there, right?), the DA-E750 features a 2.1 speaker setup with built-in subwoofer powered by a proprietary hybrid vacuum tube amplifier good for 100-watts. The setup takes advantage of both the natural richness from tube-generated sound (the pre-amp) and the clarity delivered from solid-state components (amplifier) to deliver the best of both worlds, and who doesn’t love the warm glow of a vacuum tube? Beyond the docking ports, connectivity options also include an analog composite input and USB port for playback from a variety of devices including an external hard drive, and the entire setup is wrapped up into high-gloss finished wood case. Frankly, we can’t wait to drop in one of our iPhones chock full of high-resolution tunes to test its chops.

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