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This Is the Highest-Capacity MicroSD Card SanDisk Has Ever Made

Sandisk’s new 1TB microSD is hardly deserving of the name “micro.”


There is no such thing as unlimited storage, but Sandisk’s new 1TB microSD comes pretty close. It’s the highest-capacity microSD card that the company has ever sold.

Plugged into your DSLR, the card could hold tens of thousands of RAW photos or hundreds of thousands of JPEG photos. Plugged into a Nintendo Switch, it could hold over 70 copies of Breath of the Wild, notorious for taking up 40 percent of the system’s default space 32GB space. As for beefing up your smartphone with an expandable storage slot? Well, don’t hold your breath; most phones don’t support additional memory in this massive quantity.

The catch? Price of course. At $450, this card is extremely expensive, which is par for the course for bleeding-edge memory tech. You’d almost certainly be better off picking up two 400GB Sandisk microSDs for $57 bucks instead and calling it a day. But within a few years, the cost of cards this size could come down to something a little more reasonable. In the meantime though, you could always just learn how to delete the files you don’t need.

Buy Now: $450

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